PVC, Wood, Sheetrock, Galvanized Steel, Threaded Rod, Electrical Conduit, Audio.

Like us, every object has a voice and resonance depending on its material make-up, density and length. The sculptural elements I fabricate, construct and exhibit exist in the same realm as the sounds produced during their creation. There is no difference in their physical or aural representation in my work - they exist as one.

This work is an investigation of the internal and external transfer systems contained within the architecture of Biggin Gallery. The resonance of the PVC water lines is utilized to alter and magnify the prerecorded soundscapes heard from within.

Sounds produced naturally in our environment often work in unison with human generated tones to form indeterminate and beautiful compositions. Long Channeled Tones presents that which exists in the world, but not what we normally hear.

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Auburn University
Biggin Hall, Auburn, AL

Solo Exhibition, February-March, 2012