Stone and wood are analogous with human development. As we evolved, our weapons of warfare advanced ensuring the survival of our early ancestors. Beginning with our own fists, then wood, stone and other manipulated materials, each eventually (over several millennia) morphed into the tools of the military-industrial complex that we have today.

Excluding our demise there are no absolutes in life. When the NRA, special interest groups and politicians tell the general public that their vision to curb the epidemic of gun violence in America is the only solution, we must become vigilant and address their self-serving mandates.

I do not believe America should devolve into armed communities reminiscent of the old American west of the 19th century. We should realize that the language of ‘cold justice’ is present in the current leadership of the gun lobby, and many of the politicians who owe their careers to them. As contemporary humans we should continue to evolve and utilize our ingenuity to develop legal, and societal solutions to the senseless violence that has been propagated through the proliferation of fear in our society.
Carved wood and stone, with iron, acrylic, light and vinyl text

Georgia College
Museum of Fine Arts (MoFA) Milledgeville, GA

Installation view, March 2013

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